Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good News

Today I had an appointment and in my eyes it went good. I have 10 follicles. I am excited I have that many. My cyst is still there but Dr. N felt that it would not damage anything if we left it there. I was happy to hear that we would not be draining it today. That was a big relief.

On another note. My shots are going good so far. I stopped the BC last Sunday so... Yesterday my friend came to visit just as planned. I am so ready to go to St. Louis on the 25th for my ultrasound. I am ready for the next step. On Monday I start my night shots. That will be interesting.

This weekend Chris and I are going to a wedding in Edmond, OK. It is for a guy that Chris works with. I am really excitied because we also get to spend time with Chris's brother Adam and his soon to be wife Crystal. I love them both very much. I will post some pictures when we get back. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that all went well today at your appointment.

    I don't blame you for getting antsy to go to St. Louis. I'm antsy for you to go also.

    Hopefully the next few weeks will pass quickly and the follies will grow perfectly.

    Baby dust!!!

  2. Are you still at SIRM St Louis? I am doing my transfer in the beginning of August there. Maybe we will be transfer buddies!

    I am so glad things went so good. You will be in my prayers these upcoming weeks.

  3. Yes, we are going to St. Louis on July 25th for an ultrasound appointment that monday the 26th. We are doing our transfer the whole first week of August. We are planing on doing two transfers. Depending on how many embryo's we have of course.

    Thank you for all the prayers. That would be neat of I saw you in St. Louis. Good luck to you and I am praying everything works out.