Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have been gone way to long....

We did our IVF in April. We had the egg retrieval done Friday April 9th at 1:00 in the afternoon. I don't remember much at all. Chris and I left to drive back home right after. We were half way home when Dr. Ahlering called to tell us that he was able to get 7 follicals which was not alot he said. I hopes that we have 1 or 2 that fertilize. When Chris got that news he was upset he did not tell me because I was still out of it. But while this conversation was going on I started to hear this loud noise like a semi was rush up on us. I looked in my back mirror and the tire on the passenger side in the back had blown. I started yelling at Chris to pull over. He pulled over and got out and changed it. Then we were on the way home again. On Saturday I was pretty sore, and really bloated. I felt like I had worked out my stomach muscles a whole lot. I did not feel good. Saturday after we got the call the we had 4 fertilize out of the 7 follicals. We were so excited. We were told we needed to be back in St. Louis Monday afternoon.

So.. we left Monday morning at 6:00 and made it to St. Louis by 12:00. hey called me right back at said that out of the 4 there was 2 that were the right size and Dr. A said that he wanted to implant 2 and possible freeze the others we agreed. We were so excited. I could not believe that I was going to be pregnant in a matter of seconds and have my little babies in MY belly. The process did not hurt at all it was really neat. Chris was there and got to see everything. They gave us a picture of our embryo's. It was all so amazing.

Then we got a call a few days later that 1 of the embryo's did not make it to day 6, but we were able to freeze 1 of them so that is still good. But now it was just the waiting process. We had to wait till April 20th to do the first blood test, then another on the 22nd.

April 20th came I was so nervous to found out if my little babies took or not. I did the blood test early that morning. It seemed like it took forever to get the results back. Finally I got the call it was NEGATIVE. My heart dropped. I started crying so hard. I did not know what to do. I could not believe it. I was told it still might be to early. Wait and see what happens on the 22nd it could still be positive. I took a deep breath told myself to calm down and get myself together, and still have faith God can do anything.

Thursday came way to slow. I went and had my blood drawn early that morning. I got the call on my lunch break. It was NEGATIVE... Yes that is what I said NEGATIVE. I was in shock. I still wanted to hope that it could be positive. We were so upset. We never thought it would not work.

We talked to Dr. A the next Tuesday he recommended us doing a whole new cylce of IVF not just implanting the frozen embryo. I asked why. And what would he do different? He said the reason why is so that we will hopefully be able to implant more than 1 embryo which would give us more of chance it would work he said. He stated that what he would do different is that we would wait until day 6 to implant, not day 3 which is what we did last time.

Chris and I talked it over since we really did not have to much time. Because he wanted to know by the time I started my cylce, which was going to be in a couple of days. This pas Monday I started my cycle. I called Dr. A office told them that we decided to do the whole cylce again. They stated it would be in June, and that I would start my meds May 19th, so early Birthday to me since my Birthday is May 22nd. Then we will be back in St. Louis in June. WOW, I cannot believe we are going to do this all over again. Pray that we have better results!!!!!!!!!!