Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last night I started my night time shots. Gonal F and HGH. I am not a big fan of either one. You have to mix both of them. It is just a big amount of meds that I have to inject into my tummy. So now we are up to a total of three shots a day. My tummy is starting to get little red marks on it again.

The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a new shot we are trying this time. This cycle we are trying three new things. 1) is HGH shot, 2)embryo glueing, 3) consecutive transfer. I hope it all works. I was willing to try anything Dr. Ahlering could offer. I have no regrets we have done everything that has been offered to us. I am praying it works. Aaaaahhhhh!! It is getting so close. I am so excited to think I could be, wait I will be pregnant by the middle of August. It is becoming very real.

Tomorrow is Chris and I 3 year anniversary. It has flown by. We have had so much fun growing together and becoming better people. I married by best friend in whole world. e means so much to me. On our anniversary every year we watch our video from the wedding and also the video my mother in law made us. We love seeing everything all over again. This year Chris has made reservations for us at the Mayo Hotel were our reception was. Three years ago it was not a hotel, but since then they have remodeled it and opened it into a hotel. I am so excited.

Over the weekend...

We went to a wedding in Edmond. Here are a few pictures. We had a blast. We were able to stay with Chris's brother Adam and his soon to be wife Crystal. So it was fun to get to spend some time with them also while we were there.

Chris and I

Crystal and I

Chris, me, Crystal, and Adam

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good News

Today I had an appointment and in my eyes it went good. I have 10 follicles. I am excited I have that many. My cyst is still there but Dr. N felt that it would not damage anything if we left it there. I was happy to hear that we would not be draining it today. That was a big relief.

On another note. My shots are going good so far. I stopped the BC last Sunday so... Yesterday my friend came to visit just as planned. I am so ready to go to St. Louis on the 25th for my ultrasound. I am ready for the next step. On Monday I start my night shots. That will be interesting.

This weekend Chris and I are going to a wedding in Edmond, OK. It is for a guy that Chris works with. I am really excitied because we also get to spend time with Chris's brother Adam and his soon to be wife Crystal. I love them both very much. I will post some pictures when we get back. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am starting to get nervous!!

Last time I was on here I had talked about there being a possibility that I would do another IVF cycle in June, well that was cancelled, because I have a cyst on my Left ovary that had not gone away. I also only produced 5 eggs that month. Dr. A thought it would be better for my to wait another month so maybe the cyst would go away and for my ovaries to take a break. So we rescheduled it for July.

So, that cyst is still there on my Left side. I am going to see Dr. N on July 15th for an ultrasound to see if it needs to be drained. I have never had that done before. I hope it won't hurt to bad. Then we leave July 25th for St. Louis I have an ultrasound appointment with Dr. A Monday morning then I find out when I go back for my egg retrieval.

I have not really wanted to talk about this IVF cycle. I guess it is because I knew the worst is really possible and I don't know if I can do this again not only emotionally, but financially also. It is so expensive and my insurance does not cover anything. I just want it to work so much and I pray so much that God will give us a baby. I know I will be okay if it does not work, but I would be so much better If it did. I feel that the reason why Chris are going through this is to make us stronger as a couple and God has a reason for everything.

Well, tomorrow is the big day.... I start my meds. I will for sure keep you posted...