Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry it has been a while since I was on here last. I am not doing so good with this blog spot, I will get better. Recently Chris and I made our deposit to hold our date for the week of April the 5th. I am really excited, but nervous. I know there is a possibility it might not work, but I don't want to even think about what I would do if it does not work. I am trying to stay positive and only think good thoughts. Well enough with all of that.

This past weekend we celebrated two birthdays. My mother in laws and also one of our best friends Codie. One friday night we went Edmond to visit Chris brother and girlfriend and meet Chris's parents there to eat dinner. We had a blast. Chris and I ended up staying the night there with his brother. It was so nice to see them. On Saturday I met up with Melissa and we took Codie out to lunch and to get a pedicure for her birthday. Then we meet up with a bunch of our other friends for dinner at the Garlic Rose. At dinner I started to not feel so good. I did not really get to enjoy the meal. Chris and I went home as soon as we were done. Good thing we did because I got a stomach bug that is going around. So I did nothing the rest off the weekend. I am feeling better now thank goodness. Hope everyone has a great week.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In October...

Chris and I have been trying to have a baby for several months and in October I started noticing that my cycles was not regular. I called Dr. N office and his nurse told me to get an ovulation kit. I did that and it never showed I was ovulating. So, in November they had me come in and Dr. N did an ultrasound on the third day and it showed that I only had a total of seven eggs. He also did a lot of blood work. A week later we were back in again to go over blood results. Those showed that I am premenopausal. Which he stressed means that he does not know how much longer I will be producing eggs. Also I produce half the amount of eggs that I should at my age. In November we did an IUI, I had two eggs that were the right size so we were hoping it would work. We found out two weeks later it was negative. Our next step was to send Chris's goods off to Chicago to see if there was anything going on with his part. In the mean time Dr. N thought it would be best for me to have surgery for endometriosis. He said I had all the symptoms. So... in January I went in for the surgery. The day of Dr. N came in and told us the results of Chris's test, he stated that his morphology level is 5%. So, by now it feels that every time we saw Dr. N it was always something Which was good for a change YEAH!!

The next time we went to go see Dr. N we discussed that IVF would be our best opinion. He stated we still have half the chance that most couples our age because of the amount of eggs I produce. We have talked to Dr. Ahlering's office and we are set up to do IVF in April. The beginning of February we started the process. I am now on birth control and ready for the next step when the time comes.

Chris and I are both trying to stay positive about our situation, because there is really nothing we can do. God has a plan for everyone and I know in my heart he has a plan for us to have a child when the time is right. The reason I started this blog is that I feel the more people we have praying for us will only help.. That is why I want to share our story with anyone that is interested. Thank you for all the prayers.